Saturday, June 27, 2009


Woo Hoo I got to play today. This is a little suitcase Gina found online, I wanted one as soon as I saw the one on the cover of a mini catalog from Stampin up. I really love this and will be keeping it for myself. I also had time to make a few more bookmarks. I think I will use the suitcase to hold the bookmarks when I do craft shows.
Hope everyone has a great rest of their weekends.


  1. Wow pretty suitcase, if I had one I'd just look and put it up as an ornament in my house. Its cute :-)

  2. Thank you Mary for your wonderful words on my Easter creations :D Your blog is breathtaking. This project is so creative!!! I have one myself, and I´m planning to alter it to keep all my pro markers in it. Hope you´re enjoying the summer "over there" :O) Love*VyanMica ♥♥♥

  3. WOW!! Mary, you always come up with some really fantastic projects and this just ROCKS!! I love it GF!! ;)

  4. What a wonderful suitcase! It's so gorgeous! See you on the 22nd!

  5. Mary,
    Super sweet suitcase :)
    On your list of things you did how you WATCHED your dh dig your RV out of the sand ;) Hee-hee!!! Thanks for a laugh so early in the morning!

  6. Mary, This suitcase will display your items so WELL! Nice touch! Looking forwards to the CRAFT SHOWS this FALL/XMAS!


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