Monday, June 8, 2009

Gina Inspired Birthday

This is a Gina inspired card I made for my oldest son’s 25th birthday. Yup I can’t believe it either…. He has almost caught up to me in age…
I have made myself a pretty little card to go on the back side of my name badge for Make-A-Wish. It really turned out pretty and helps me remember-There is nothing going to happen in my life I can’t handle with God.


  1. Your card and badge are gorgeous and so inspired! Love the color combination you chose!

  2. Mary, this is such an awesome idea!! I love the theme and you've done a beautiful job with it!! ;)

  3. Mary,
    Bet your son will love his card, looks pretty inviting :)
    I really like the card you made for the back of your make-a-wish badge. A message that's so true and inspirational!


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