Sunday, August 1, 2010

The balls are in the yard

The balls are in the yard and they look so cute. The best part is the New Mexico wind can’t blow them away!

I won’t be in the craft room anytime soon I have picked up a new wish child and will be working on his wish this week. He wants a pop up tent trailer and the Make a wish foundation has granted it for him. We will be delivering it to him at our dealership on Aug. 7, 2010. I love being part of such a great organizations, both Make-a-Wish and Rocky Mountain RV. Being a wish granter is amazing! I love to see how happy these kiddos are when they get their wishes.

Then I have family coming from Texas the fallowing week. I love spending time with family and I haven’t seen this family near enough. So I think from now on I will just not craft in the summer. That way I won’t feel like I am not getting enough done. Lol I have been firing the kiln a few times a week, I need to find someone that drinks more so I will have enough slumped glass for this years show.

My friend Kristen and I have sighed up of a few shows and we hope to get our feet wet this year and see if it is something we want to continue.