Sunday, March 29, 2009

A few more projects

I know I know, I keep doing this (posting more than one at a time on the same post.) but I am afraid if I don’t get it done when I have a few minutes I won’t get it done at all. I really do try to spread them out but I had these 4 or 5 projects done and ready for you to see so here they are hope you like them and if I can help you in anyway please send me a comment. I try to answer any questions as soon as I get them. Thanks for looking and Have a really great rest of your weekend.

Stamp Something Challenge

These are the only 2 challenges I have done for this weekend. I am trying to use my new Stampin Up Under the Stars stamp set so I did make a few other cards too.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Mine has been really nice and relaxing. I did have to go grocery shopping but Mitch (youngest son) went and helped me so it was fun having him there. I didn’t have to clean house because Jarrid (middle son) cleaned the downstairs for me on Thursday. How cool is that. I am so blessed, I have a wonderful family. Last week was crazy for me so I am glad it is over. I did become a Make-A-Wish wish granter last week. I am looking forward to working with the kiddo’s and their families.

Sketch 03/28/09 Challenge

Sketch Challenge on Paper Craft Planet.

Under the Stars and Happy Camper

I am loving these sets. I am still having a little trouble with the coloring.

Friday, March 27, 2009

More of the same

Another mini notebook, I just love this project and I have made 9 of them today. I still need to embellish the rest of them but they are so fun. I used a set of dollar stamps on this one. I don’t really like the clear un-mounted type but for a dollar I had to give them a try. I am just so sold on Stampin up sets. For one they are sets and you know everything will work together and two the detail just can’t be beat. If you really think about the quality and quantity they are not really that expensive. Hope you enjoy.

This is CASEd from 2 different cards. The first one is Here. The second one will be Here when I find it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

In like a LION and out like a LAMB-Challenge on PCP


I made this for the in like a LION and out like a
LAMB- challenge, on Paper Craft Planet in the BIA Group. I love it when an idea comes together the way you want it to. This is a little scrapbook with 10 pages in it.




Friday, March 20, 2009

A quick update kind of a mini Tutorial I guess

I had several people ask how to make the little glass necklace. Well here is a very quick lesion.
You will need:
1”x 1” piece of clear glass (this one has rounded corners and smooth edges I have not been able to find them at any craft store so if anyone finds them please let me know)
Clear water based lacquer (or glue that will dry clear)
1” x 1” photo, color copy or stamped image
1 ½ ” x 1 ½ ” piece of decorative paper
Jewelry loop
Ok use the lacquer to glue the decorative paper to the back of the image pretty sides out. Put 5 dots of the lacquer on the back of the glass (make it look like the #5 dice) and place on top of the image. Cut the image along all sides, I start with the corners first then trim the sides. Glue the jewelry loop on the back with some very strong glue I used E-6000. Now let dry for 24 hours…. I did have some bleeding on the photo of the boys so next time I will spray the inkjet image with some kind of sealer. Hope that all makes sense, if not please send me a comment and I will try it again. Have a great Weekend!!!!!! I am sure I will be able to find some stamping time so it will be a good one for me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Elephant Baby Cards

Another new stamp I bought at the stamp convention. I think he/she is so cute, this one works very well layering.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stamp Convention

Ok I know how everyone hates when I post more than one project in the same post but I am going to do it again this one I got my inchie swaps back and I think they are sooooooo cute. I put them on a card front and I just love them all together.

The second project is a new stamp set (well new to me it is retired ) I got at the stamp convention Saturday. I had such a great time I spent 6 hours and there were only 17 vendors. I took a few classes and just hug out and visited with everyone.

The last 2 projects are from a kit I bough at the convention. They are little glass tiles you glue your photo to the back of. The heart necklace is Terry Medaris’ business card. I took a class from him on Prismacolor Techniques and it was very informative.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Top Note Purse

I just love this top note die. It is easy to use in my cuttlebug and there are ton's of uses for it. This is a gift card holder and turned out sooooooooo cute.

Technique Tuesday

Technique Tuesday at Gina’s house… How cute are these projects! I just love them both. The Faux Cloisonné is beautiful and so easy to do. I think it can be used for any occasion and the poppin pastels are so fun and bright.

Mini Notebook Cover

Good morning all, I am so happy it is raining this morning! We so need the rain. When you live in the desert any moisture is welcome. They say it should turn to snow very soon.

Ok on to this very cute project…. The front was made by Gina and was on a gift pack of DP she gave us last club meeting. I had to find something very cute to use it on. We also made these
mini notebook covers (you will be seeing more of them very soon). The DP background is out of the pack she gave us.
Ok so I don’t usually post instructions here on the blog but most of you know you can always ask and I will send what I have to you. I will be doing a tutorial on this one soon I think and I will post it here.
Hope you all have a great day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Jolliest Time of The Year 3"x3" Card set of 6

3"x 3" Cards.

I made these as a set, I will be making a box or purse of some kind to hold them in the next day or so. I like how easy this set is to color.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our 2nd Hostess Club Meeting

We made these at our hostess club meeting today. Again Gina came up (and/or CASEd) these great projects. I will post where she found them by each of the projects (if I have that info) because she wants to give credit to the original designer. But these are great! And I had a great time with the girls again….

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hooked on Organic Grace

Wow.... 3 posts in one day... I think that is a first for me. I have a club meeting Saturday so will have something really cute to show you then I am sure.
I just can't get enough of this Organic Grace Stamp Set from Stampin Up. I still think this is my favorite set. I am sure you will be seeing a lot more of it.

Still working on coloring

I made these cards so I could work on my coloring.
I really like the dragonfly one.

Flacky Friends

I have had this set for a year or so, I really like it but have a hard time with it. I don't know if it is the coloring or the placement that I have such a hard time with. It just doesn't always look right. I do have to say I like the way this one turned out. If any of you use this set please let me know so I can check out what you have done.

Thanks and have a great weekend.