Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Texas Trip Scrapbook

Front of album
Back of album
My boys are such good sports when it comes to giving me great pictures for my books.Here is part of my Texas trip scrapbook, I still have a bit of embellishing to do but I wanted to share it with you. We had such a great time and I just love our yearly family vacations. Even though the boys are all adults they still look forward to spending a week all together. I hope we can keep this tradition going forever.
The license plates come from work, we get a lot of trades and end up with a ton of plates so I am always looking for ideas to use them.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st try at glass slumping

Ok well I am one of those people that have to just give things a try. When I was in Dallas a few weeks ago 2 of my cousins had told me about this wine bottle cheese trays their neighbors make. I had never heard of melting wine bottles into anything of When I got home I googled and found out it was called glass slumping and you can buy molds to make the glass into shapes. Now I didn’t want to invest much into this because I wasn’t even sure my kiln still worked. It’s been like 15 years that it has just sat in the garage. Well yesterday I dug it out and got really excited to see it is still in great shape and working. I tried the 1st bottle… too tall, 2nd.. again too tall now I was not thinking this was going well at all anymore. But here is my favorite wine made here in New Mexico and if I lay it just right it will fit. There are a few things I need to change and work out but for my first time ….. not a bad little cheese tray.
I will be back to paper craft soon…. Well I hope soon. I am fishing in my 1st pro bass tournament this weekend. My oldest son asked me to be his partner and how could I say no to that. Wish me luck and I pray I catch at least a few fish.
Have a great weekend.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fun new blog

I am still working on my vacation scrapbook and will have some of it to show you later today. If I get out of the pool long enough to take the pictures.
I just wanted to pass this blog site on to you. If you use Sure Cuts A Lot or if you are thinking about getting it this just might push you right to it. I found this blog today and I will never have to buy another nestie again. Penny Duncan has done all the work for us and she has posted them on her blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nice to be done with this little gift. I think it turned out very well and I know it will be loved by the bride. I could not go to bed until the wee hours because I just couldn't stop working on it. lol I will be working on our Texas trip book tomorrow. And here is the inspiration picture, isn’t she just a beautiful bride. I cut the boots with my cricut and an SVG made in Ink scape.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This is the insperation for this week

This beautiful bride was married to my oldest son’s best friend yesterday. She did not wear the boots at the wedding but the wedding party all changed into boots as soon as they could. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and reception. Soooooooo this is my inspiration for this week’s project. Scrapbook.... maybe I did take a few pictures.
Wish me luck and I hope to have something ready for you by the weekend.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well it isn't mid June yet....But I am not really back......

 I know I was going to be back mid June and I still hope to but I wanted to share a few pictures of my boy's. We had a great time in Texas and now it is time to try and catch up at work after being off for a week. Then really I plan to be in my craft room for a few days.