Thursday, October 16, 2008

Table Top Scrapbook

You can make this in different sizes.
12”x12” paper = 6”x6” finished
8”x8” paper = 4”x4” finished
6”x6” paper = 3”x3” finished
I think you get the picture.
This example is 8”x8” paper as is the pink one a few blogs down.

4 pieces 8” x8” paper
2 pieces 4” x4” chip board (for cover)

Score the paper at 4” turn and score at 4” again.

Score from inside corner to outside corner of the 2 bottom squares.

Cut centerline between 2 bottom squares.
Fold mountain and valley folds.

Tape to form ½ cube.

Make 4 of these ½ cubes and glue together ( leave the front and back unglued so you can add the covers)

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