Monday, October 20, 2008

Purse Scrapbook

1 piece 12”X12” paper
1 piece of contrasting cardstock
1 piece 8” matching ribbon
Card stock to embellish inside of purse

The black lines are the score lines.

Score the 12x12 paper 4” on each side
Score the 4 outside boxes from corner to corner, and the middle box from center to corner as seen in photo.

Fold all 4 sides at score lines toward the inside unfold.

Fold 4 corners at score lines toward inside.

Fold 2 middle outside boxes at score line.

Cut flap out of contrasting cardstock, 4”X5” Score at 2” and 2 ¼” from backside. Round front 2 corners.
Add ribbon at the score lines, Attach flap to back at first score line.

That bit of gule on the back should not be there. lol


  1. Thank you for doing those instructions, you finished book looks amazing and I will try this myself very soon. Hugs M xxx


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