Thursday, February 3, 2011

Craft show crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You ever have one of those items that everyone wants but you reall just don't want to make them.... Well here it is. These little purse scrapbooks sale like crazy but I sure get sick of making the same things over and over and over..... I am doing them in stages this year, each folded paper has all the parts to make a purse so now I just have to glue them together and embellish. and we all know its the embellishing that is the fun part so this weekend will be more fun for me.

I must say I got myself a scorpal and it has made this job sooooooo much easier.

I will have this box FULL very soon.


  1. These are adorable and I bet they are big sellers :)

  2. Hi Mary!

    These look wonderful! I am familiar with the purse but how does the scrapbook come in?

    I hope that all is well with you and your family. Wishing you a great weekend!


    Barbara Diane

  3. Your purses look AMAZING!!!!! Great job ma'am....I also wanted to THANK YOU so much for your sweet comment on my blog!!!!!

  4. Hi Mary!! WOW!! You've been a busy crafter!! :) What darling little boxes!! Hope you're doing well!!HUGS

  5. I can see why they sell so well..they are so cute!

  6. I just came upon your blog. What cute purses! Can I ask... how much do you sell those for? Just wondering if that would be a good fundraiser project. Thank you advance for your help.


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