Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stampin up Digital Studio

I am giving this program a try. I am not sure about it yet. Would love to hear from others on how they like it. I haven’t really had much of a chance to play with it. I do use the images to print and color. Other than that I haven’t used it much.
A scrapbook page I made today with the digital studio.
Dakota loves to ride in the golf cart at balloon fiesta but she wasn't crazy about the glasses. lol


  1. Mary, I haven't tried this program, but from what you show us here, it looks great so far. I love these.

  2. good for you! daring! i like that!

    what diet are you on that you can't have a cupcake??????

    i'm doing weight watchers and i eat ANYTHING. i'm down 19 lbs!!!! slow going, but it's working - and that's WITHOUT exercise too!

    if you need to chat about dieting, email me. i can be your buddy!

    good luck.

  3. I have used it a little....I just still like the feel of paper and stuff! I will probably do a small album or calendar though just to see how it comes out!

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