Friday, March 26, 2010

A great little flower

What a great flower this has been. I put it in this pot a few years ago and each year I am so surprised when it comes back. The bulbs are sold at Christmas time but I got mine on clearance after Christmas. Also in this pot is a lilly my son gave me last year for mother's day and it has blooms on it too. I just love to have blooms in the house. I also had some time to craft today and will have something posted in the morning.


  1. Oh I came to say thanks for visiting my blog, glad you found the Pocket stamps, they're so much fun to work with. But then I saw these gorgeous flowers, beautiful!!!! You must have a super green thumb to get them to come back this way.

  2. What a great flower, mine ONLY blooms for Xmas!

    Like how NICE your craft room looks, Michelle and I will come over to get your MOJO going again, come see our NWE cards on our blogs!

  3. Wow! Beautiful flower! I don't have a green thumb so most of my flowers die one me. The only flowers that will last in my home is the flower stamps i got! Thank you for visiting my blog!

  4. Love the poster you made! Those flowers are gorgeous and how wonderful that they come back to visit each year! Thanks for your wonderful comment!


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