Monday, January 11, 2010

SVG Cuts

These are more svg cut files I found here. I am really having a good time with my cricut machine. You will be seeing a lot more from it this year. I will be adding these cuts to scrapbook pages.


  1. oh how fun! how big are these? Is that cute little pup very big? What type of paper are you using...Inquiring minds want to know. I went to Lauren Meaders new site and downloaded her freebie box and made a Valentine box this week...lots of fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I posted the answer to Sue's question on her blog but thought I would add it here too.
    thanks for the lovely comments, the paper I am using is from an office supply store and comes in pkgs of 250 pages. It is 100lb so it is nice to work with. It cost about $40. a pkg but they had it for $1.00 a pkg. I can not pass up a good deal so I had to have it but they only had brown,blue and yellow. So now that is what I am using to try out all my new svg cuts. The puppy here is about 5" but can be cut at any size. I just love the sure cuts alot program. I will have to check out the blog you got the box from. Let me know if you need any more info. I don't tend to put it on the blog because I am lazy. lol and think maybe you all already know how to do all the stuff I make. If you ever have any questions please ask.... I love to share.

  3. I absolutely love the "I drink coffee.." message. What exactly is it, a layout? I can not really tell by the picture. Thanks and good job on your cutouts : ) i just started creating my own svg files and am loving the possibilities!!

  4. Hi mary, i love you puppy upabove, if you dont mind sharing this svg file i would love it. i tryed to find it in the link u gave but dont see it? if you can send it to my email thank you natahsa: toronto canada


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