Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Second Try making an SVG File

This is my second try at making an SVG file. I think it came out sooooooooo cute. The apple is only about 2" tall. I made it in one file so you have to cut it 3 times. That's the reason for the green apples and the red worm. lol I do need a new blade, the cuts are not quit as nice as they should be. If you would like the files for any of the SVG files I have shown, please leave me a comment with your email and I will be happy to send the file to you.


  1. Oh how cute...I want to learn!!! I dreamed up a design last night and have not a clue how to go about it! I did read tho if you slow your machine down(esp for detailed cuts) you will get a better cut.

  2. Ha I sent you a long reply to your post on my you know your settings are set on no reply? That means no one can answer you when you leave a comment! Darn it!

  3. Mary,
    These little apples with the worm are adorable!!

  4. OK my son helped me out

    go to MY ACCOUNT (at the top of your blog when you are signed in)
    click on Blogger-Settings
    click the 3rd box down that says Show my email address.
    Hope this helps and hope it works! LOL

  5. Just had to comment again on these cute little apples...every time I see them they make me giggle :)


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