Sunday, January 4, 2009

Paper craft planet BIA Valentines Day Challenge

This is my entry for the Valentines Day challenge on Paper Craft Planet in the Zutter Bind it all group. I think I gave to much time to finish the challenge; it doesn’t end until the 8th of Feb. I think Jan will have to start another challenge so we don’t get bored.
I cut the heart out of some left over cardboard I found in my office at work and I just couldn’t bring myself to through it away. So along with many other things I brought it home “just in case” I could use it. Lol I made this for part of my husbands valentine’s day gift. I didn’t want it to look girly at all but I couldn’t resist the flowers in the back. I still have a few embellishments I need to add along with a few more pictures but you get the idea I was going for. Hope everyone has a great week…


  1. O wow O wow O wow My mouth is still on the floor.. BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. How wonderfully creative this is! I'm sure your husband will be touched with such a wonderful gift.

  3. Amazing book, it's soooo pretty, I'm impressed :)

  4. Oh my dear this is just breathe taking I know hubby will love it

  5. WOW! Mary. This is fabulous. Great job. I love it.

    Karen x


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