Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am an addict!!

I am an addict!!! Yup that’s right, I am saying it out loud right here!! I am addicted to buying stamps! I was introduced to e-bay by my husband this past weekend. I know I know you are thinking…….”What”? I had looked a few times and even had him buy me a stamp set once (at full price I might add). But after cleaning my stamp room the weekend before I found a few sets I thought I could part with. Soooooo he taught me how to post and sale the stamps. While I was doing this, I found a very cute set for sale; well I could not just let it be. I had to bid… and bid. …And bid… yep I got it. Then, there were a few more sets that were soooooo cute……. Yep got them All in all I ended up putting 6 sets up for sale but buying 15! Now, that is not 15 stamps… That is 15 stampin up stamp SETS!
Now don’t get me wrong… I will love the new stamps but I have not even used all of the sets I already have. The answer is to just spend more time stamping I guess.So here is the total.. Freight $31.27, 15 stamp sets $43.29 Grand total $74.56. Now looking at it like this I feel a little better. That is really a good deal (right :-). I still have to “just say no” to ebay. Lol I was temped to look again today so I am going to clean house after this! I am trying to use that as a negative reinforcement of sorts. Anyway here are the cards I made this morning. I am trying to get my Christmas cards done along with the make-a-wish ones. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and we will all get back on the diets the 28th.

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  1. Wow, your Christmas cards are beautiful! And yes it sounds like you got a good deal on your stamps :)


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