Saturday, November 15, 2008

Good Blog Friends

Good thing I have great blog friends to follow. I was running out of ideas for my make a wish Thank You cards. Then I found this beautiful card
I know mine is not as lovely but, I’m ok with that. The person that gets mine will not have seen the original so mine will look great. lol

As I was making these cards I started to feel very closed in! I realized my work area was a huge mess. After I finished the cards I spent the rest of the day cleaning out my area. I have no idea where all this stuff came from but Ebay here I come. Lol I feel better now that it is done and I look forward to creating up there again. Here are the before and after photo’s. In the photo’s it doesn’t look like that big of a change but it sure feels good and clean.



Now I can sit back and enjoy the view.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Hello Mary, thanks so much for coming to see my blog. I am new and looking to find some blogging friends and really appreciate your lovely comment.
    I love your thank you card its beautiful. You are very talented.
    As for your craft room ... wow !!!! I thought i had a lot of stuff hehehe but yours is my dream craftspace hehe. I have over 400 stamps and a very small craft cupboard as live in a flat but i reckon you have just as many. Love how you have it all set out too its fabulous. ... ohhhh i am envious lol. Well done on the tidy up too :)
    Hugs J xxx

  2. Hi Mary, just wanted to say I found your blog after you became my friend on Paper Crafters. I wanted to let you know that I'm interested in sending you a steady supply of thank you cards for your Make-A-Wish foundation project. you can e-mail the particulars at Thanks a bunch and your blog is amazing. You do great work.

  3. Hi Mary, and WOW what a view it is, absolutely stunning! I love your stamp area, I long for one just like LOL! Your cards are very beautiful, I love the colours, stamps and details and I think they're every bit as lovely as the card you cased. Chris :)


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