Thursday, June 24, 2010

1st try at glass slumping

Ok well I am one of those people that have to just give things a try. When I was in Dallas a few weeks ago 2 of my cousins had told me about this wine bottle cheese trays their neighbors make. I had never heard of melting wine bottles into anything of When I got home I googled and found out it was called glass slumping and you can buy molds to make the glass into shapes. Now I didn’t want to invest much into this because I wasn’t even sure my kiln still worked. It’s been like 15 years that it has just sat in the garage. Well yesterday I dug it out and got really excited to see it is still in great shape and working. I tried the 1st bottle… too tall, 2nd.. again too tall now I was not thinking this was going well at all anymore. But here is my favorite wine made here in New Mexico and if I lay it just right it will fit. There are a few things I need to change and work out but for my first time ….. not a bad little cheese tray.
I will be back to paper craft soon…. Well I hope soon. I am fishing in my 1st pro bass tournament this weekend. My oldest son asked me to be his partner and how could I say no to that. Wish me luck and I pray I catch at least a few fish.
Have a great weekend.


  1. How fun Mary! I've always been fascinated by any sort of glass art. I hope you do some more experimenting to share with us. Good luck with the fishing tournament. :)

  2. holy crap!!!! you are one gutsy lady! that's awesome!!!! wowza!


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