Thursday, December 3, 2009

My first try at an SVG file for the SCAL

Ok this is the first thing I have made and cut with my Sure cuts a lot program. I took it all apart in inkscape and I must say it came out sooooooooooo cute except for all the glue I got all over EVERYTHING! It is all over the top of my desk, my project, my fingers.... Some days you just shouldn't mess with glue. I am working on the mask part, I hope to get it so it cuts all in one piece, the less glue the better! lol
I am really liking the new program. Got to love the Cricut!


  1. I just got Cricut this last weekend! I want SCAL too...keep me it hard for a techie challenged stamper!?

  2. love my cricut and bought design studio but haven't had a chance to figure it out. I've heard great things about the SCAL but havent tried that either. You football helmet turned out so cute!

  3. Hi Mary!

    I have been checking your blog every day and no posting for a long time so I am very happy to see you back! I am hoping all is well with you and your family and wish you a good weekend!

    Barbara Diane

  4. Mary,

    Your helmet came out so nice! You are sure learning that CRICUT well, After the holidays, let's get together to see what all that CRICUT can do!...maybe we can do Valentine's day!


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