Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stamp Convention

The stamp convention was here this weekend and boy do I love that. I made this card for my Mother-in-law's birthday with the new stamps I picked up.... Even though I told myself I would not buy any stamps this time. I did pick up 3 stamps.
I did a lot of layering on this one and think it came out just beautiful. I will also be using this set up for my Easter Cards with the phrase " He has risen" inside and I will use a stone on the front where the pots are and lay a piece of fabric on the inside.


  1. Wow Mary--very cool card--love the layering--it will make a really great Easter card too!

  2. Boy Mary...This card is OUTSTANDING..nice, nice JOB!

    Can't wait to try out my NEW 3-stallion horse stamp I bought from B & J too!

    They make NICE Southwestern stamps!

  3. Mary,
    Another gorgeous card...This design will be a perfect Easter card!


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