Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cricut Lantern

I have a lot of new projects coming up. I have been very busy outside the past few weeks but have found some time to craft. I really need to start work on Christmas items. I just can’t seem to get going with it this early and when it is soooooooo hot outside. Maybe once it drops below 90 I can start to think of Christmas.
I did get to visit my niece today, she is hanging in there. Bless her heart she is always on the move and keeps very busy. She went into labor at 25 weeks and she is on strict bed rest now. She has been in the hospital for over a week now and I think they will be keeping her a week maybe two more. Thanks for all the prayers sent for her. This is their first baby and I wish things would have gone easier for her. But she is keeping a great attitude and ready to do what ever she needs to keep her little boy safe. Ok on to the first project:
This is a fast project with the Cricut. I am having such a good time with the cricut and can’t wait to learn more about it. I twisted 6 strands of light wire to form the handle. The paper is textured (form Hobby Lobby). I will be making some of these in red, green and gold to hang on the Christmas tree, I will poke a little clear Christmas bulb through the bottom. I guess I have started thinking of Christmas; I just haven’t started work on it yet.


  1. oh goodness...I have resisted the cricut so far...but it is getting harder and harder. TFS!

  2. Very cool lantern! Boy, you're already GOOD with that cricut machine!

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  4. your work is just adorable...i loved the carving at the lamp..
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  5. I love this Mary! I don't have the Cricut and wish I did! Sigh - maybe some day! :<}

    I will keep your niece in my prayers.

    Barbara Diane

  6. Hi Mary,

    I love the lantern. Can I get some instructions on making it myself?




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