Sunday, December 28, 2008

BIA Cookbook .... I am just loving this little machine

I am loving my new little bind it all! I wanted a cookbook that would stand alone. I will be laminating the pages so it will stand up to my abuse. I really love this stamp set by Stampin Up.
The paper was a great find I got last night at Costco. It is a case with 72 pieces of 12x12 paper in it for $20. The paper seems to be good weight and it is very pretty.


  1. Glad you love your bind it all! I think I am going to buy it for myself for my birthday next month! I have the same need for a cookbook! Let us know how the laminating works out!

  2. Mary,
    YOU GO GIRL!!! Love your cookbook...this is so sweet, the stamp set is adorable. Can't wait to see more! I need to figure out how to link your blog page on my blog??? HUGS..Jan


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